My Journey to Self Discovery

Spending My Time Wisely

So just minutes ago I deactivated my facebook for the ____ I’m not exactly sure but I deactivate it often, not because I don’t like facebook but usually I find it useless and I figure I could be doing better things with my time. Although this time was different, I chose to deactivate my facebook to have one less distraction from spending time with God.

Ever feel like something is too good to be true?

Well lately this is how I have been feeling. I’m currently in love with an amazingly beautiful guy (if the make sense), he is truly the the best I have ever had, he’s genuine, he treats me with the utmost respect better than I could ever ask. Aside from this I’ve been confused about school for a whole year and at the start of this summer my dream major just fell into to lap (sweet huh?!). I have good relationships with my family and friends. Also I’ll be moving into my first apartment in August and my parents have decided to get me a car!

Sounds great Huh?!

So I think, but I’m currently missing the most significant part of my existence! God, I’m currently lacking a growing relationship with my lord and savior. And ┬áit doesn’t feel right, I worry at night I because I’m aware that another day is not promised and lately I haven’t had the relationship I should have with my Maker. So from this day forward I vow to make and spend time with My God, through prayer and his word, meditation and even notes like this one.

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